Our Response to COVID-19:

The production industry has undoubtedly been affected by COVID-19. Lossless Creative is adapting and changing to proceed with filming in the new normal. Now more than ever we will see nimble crews being used and Lossless Creative can provide an extremely creative and effective crew for your next production. Lossless Creative will do everything in its power to ensure a safe workspace while keeping an extremely high level of production quality. We look forward to your next project.

New procedures for production include:
• Only healthy individuals without symptoms will be admitted onto set

• Number of people on set will be kept to essential roles

• Individuals on set will be required to wear protective gear at all times (protective gear will be provided)

• Social distancing will be used for crew, talent, agency, clients and guests

• Multiple viewing monitors can be provided on set

• A live stream of set and footage being captured will be provided (as long as the filming location has internet)

• Frequent hand washing breaks will be scheduled into the shoot day

• Food will be wrapped and individualized – no open buffet tables

• Set will be cleaned before, during and after production